About the Blog

This place is dedicated to anything nerdy, geeky, and just plain awesome. From traveling to the perfect bookstore, meeting your favorite celebrities at conventions, and dressing up like one half of your OTP. We’re here to discuss it all!

About the History

Like the Doctor, this blog has had many faces. It first started as a blog following the travel adventures of a heart-shaped stuffed toy. Then it was a Tumblr dedicated to conventions and traveling but didn’t get far. During that time, I started a class blog about nerdy clothing. Now it’s a strange mixture of roughly 5 years worth of past adventures and I’ve barely figured out the direction I want this blog to take.

About the Girl

My name is Steffie and I am a Production Manager for the coolest studio in the world which is based in Austin, Texas. I spend a lot of time reading, obsessing over stuff, and wasting time on the internet. I have been accepted to two NASA Social events, volunteered at many comic conventions, and get paid to take care of dudes who play video games all day. I’m also a certified pastry chef.


steffie hardy

My face.