PAX South

PAX South took place in San Antonio, Texas which was pretty darn convenient for me since I only live two hours away. It was 3 days of gaming, meeting new friends, wearing fun outfits, and did I mention gaming? Dreadnought was hands down my favorite game. You’re a spaceship destroying OTHER spaceships in SPACE. (It’s actually a little more complicated than… Read more →


The Blacklist #1: Dashcon/Emoti-Con

Dashcon. What a trainwreck that was. From an “emergency fundraiser” to keep the convention going to guest backing out for not getting paid. While they have been dissolved, two of the three owners have created a new convention called Emoti-Con. Considering the owners, I would be weary about attending it. Sources and Reviews of the Event: Dashcon’s Tumblr Dashcon Dissolved. Emoti-Con… Read more →


SXSW Gaming Expo: Day 2 and 3

SXSW has come and gone and every second of it was exhausting. Driving through Austin was an insane adventure everyday especially at the Gaming Expo were that had real live Mario Cart. It was basically just a make-shift go cart rink behind the Palmer Event Center but it still fulfilled childhood dreams. I never got to try it though due… Read more →


SXSW Gaming Expo: Day 1

It’s not a huge secret, I’m a poor person. Every year SXSW in Austin, Texas makes me wish I was just well off enough to afford a badge. Since I can’t, I rely on free events! My favorite one by far is the SXSW Gaming Expo! This year there’s real life Mario Cart, tons of panels, and a bunch of… Read more →


Keeping Your Health Up

Going to a convention is usually my excuse to eat lots of junk food, down a lot of coffee, and just pretend my healthy habits don’t exist. I’ve learned my lesson though and now strive to keep myself physically and mentally healthy.  This is just a few steps I use to take care of myself. DRINK WATER. Seriously, I can’t stress… Read more →

UshiCon Vendor with Cute Toys


I discovered I’m just not into Anime Cons. I just tend to find more things I like at a Sci-Fi Con or a Comic-Con. I made this discovery when I headed to Round Rock, Texas for UshiCon. I just wasn’t that into it. Not only that, it was a lot smaller than I expected. I’ve been to small cons before… Read more →